How to Make the Most Impact

As military spouses, we all understand the importance of giving back and have a vested interest in learning more about how to work most effectively with non-profits. Whether it’s one of the organizations we currently volunteer with (think PTA, military spouse groups or military related nonprofits), or the ones we’ve started ourselves – we could all use a little non-profit 101 to maximize the impact of our efforts.

Let’s pull the curtain back on nonprofits and resources. This session will answer important questions, including:

  • How can I maximize my time and/or money?
  • How can I identify the best orgs to volunteer with that will make the biggest difference in the areas most important to me
  • How do I know that I’m working and/or donating to organizations that steward the money properly? Talk to me about Charity Navigator ratings.
  • How exactly do grants work? Who’s eligible to get a grant? How do I get the ball rolling and where to look for funding?
  • Is it best for me to hire a grantwriter or DIY it? What are some secrets to help ensure success?